We are an 07 FFL 02 SOT in Fayetteville, Ga

We offer Special orders of Silencers, Firearms, Optics, Ammo, and Accessories, Firearm Transfers, Complete Rifle Systems, and Premium Sporting Dog Leashes. 

We are not a stocking Dealer

Please email us at SoleOakSupply@Gmail.com  for more information, and to check pricing, or check out our links below

Hours for Pickup: By appointment after 5pm Monday thru Thursday, and after 4pm on Friday

Transfer Fees 

$20 Per Firearm

NICS check included

NFA Transfers $75.00 - 100.00*

Silencer Shop processing included

*Please contact for details, MG Extra

Updated 1-1-2023

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Please email us with any Questions @ SoleOakSupply@gmail.com 

Premium Sporting Dog Leashes

Walker's Lead

Hands Free Over The Shoulder 

Medium Handler Lead 

Ideal For Field Trials, and Every Day Use

Short Handler Lead

Short and Sweet

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